Halal Chicken: What Does it Mean?

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We as Muslims are obligated to consume only the food which is considered Halal.

When we head to the market in search of chicken, we usually go through the isles and pick out the one which has the “Halal” label on it. But have you ever thought as to what makes that Chicken considered “Halal”. How is a Halal Chicken different from others? They both look and feel exactly the same. Then is it just the “Halal” label which makes it Halal? Obliviously not! Then what is it?

Well, there are certain actions, certain conditions, that if met by the Halal poultry, can make the slaughtered chicken Halal and edible to Muslims. Let’s go over them one by one and let me show you the religious as well as the scientific difference between the two types of chicken.

What is Halal?

Halal food is the food which is prepared by methods which adhere to the Islamic Laws set by Allah Almighty. The methods include animal handling, selection of the best and painless killing method, recitation of the dua, and correct application of the method to ensure a quick death.

There are a few rules and regulations set that when met, will result in the acquired meat to be labeled Halal. Some of these rules and their importance is as follows:

The Chicken Butcher

The first regulation of Halal poultry is that the chicken butcher must be a Muslim. Only when the chicken is slaughtered by a Muslim is it termed Halal Chicken. It must be done by hand, not by machines, and the one who carries out the slaughtering must be an adult and mentally sane. The Islamic way compels the chicken butcher to carry out the deed with utmost mercy towards the animal and deliver as little pain as possible.

Every Life is Precious

Another more important rule of slaughtering to produce Halal Chicken is asking for the creators permission. Allah says that every life is precious and humans are only allowed to take the lives of other certain animals under specific conditions. This permission is requested by the chicken butcher when he recites “Bismillah Allahu Akbar” (In the name of Allah; Allah is Greatest). And then he delivers a single clean stroke to the chickens neck, severing its windpipe, resulting in a quick and painless death. In doing so, the chicken butcher completes the requirements set by Allah, and the result of this is a chicken which is considered Halal.


And since we at the Chicago poultry pride ourselves on offering the best treatment to our animals, there are a few desirable and customary ways practiced here to ensure a more humane way of sacrificing our animals. Some of these practices include :

· Before slaughtering, the animal is fed and watered, so that it may not be slaughtered in a hungry state.

  •  Before slaughtering, the knife is re-sharpened by the butcher to ensure a single clean slice to the neck.
  • The blade of slaughter is hidden from the animal before its time, and then slaughtering is proceeded in a separate area, away from the other animals.
  • We try our best to make this process as painless as possible. The animals are saved from any kind of unnecessary suffering.
Halal chicken

A Humane way

Islam tells us that every life must be treated equally. Even if the Chicken is destined to be slaughtered, it still deserves to be treated like any other life, it deserves to be fed and it deserves to be taken care of. Here at the Chicago poultry, we specialize in carrying out that exact message. Unlike other Haram butchering systems where the animals are thrown alive Into a mincer and brutally murdered, we of the Chicago poultry department treat every last animal with the utmost care and respect.

The chicken’s are stunned prior to being slaughtered, to ensure that they feel no pain. Letting the animal suffer before its slaughter is looked down upon in Islam and every other Halal poultry department that follows the Islamic way.

Scientific Benefits

The Halal Chicken produced here are raised in a space where they can roam freely, completely free of any bacteria or enzymes, and to ensure quality, we butcher our chickens before they are a year old. After the slaughtering, the chicken’s blood is drained completely to ensure a more fresh and bacteria free meat. They are then packed and distributed following all industry standards to ensure proper hygiene.

When it comes to the scientific benefits between a Halal Chicken and any other, research proves that a chicken which has been slaughtered in a Halal manner is more fresh and bacteria free then that which is

slaughtered in a Haram way. The reason being the painless butchering process practiced in Halal poultry departments. Unlike our practices to procure fresh chicken, the brutality and stress that animals are subjected to in Haram slaughtering shops results in the discharge of hazardous bacteria like as E.coli in their meat, which causes a slew of additional issues when consumed by humans.

So chicken that are slaughtered by Halal means are not only healthier and fresh, they even taste better than other chickens. They remain fresh for much longer and even boost metabolism.


  • Now you have come to know that the “Halal” label on the packaging is not what makes the chicken Halal, but the practices and the care that is delivered according to the rules stated in the Quran by Allah Almighty are in fact what makes it Halal.

    The healthy and top quality food prepared at Chicago poultry is the result of its belief in the ways taught to us through Islam. And in doing so, we’re not only providing you with food that meets your physical needs, but we’re also showing our animals the respect and love they deserve for feeding us. We will continue to serve you and deliver the best chicken in Chicago as long as we are here. Until then, remember that Halal is the way to go!

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