Halal Chicken and Poultry FAQ

Chicago Live Poultry Overview​

This is an online one-stop store for all your poultry and meat purchases. We also sell poultry products like eggs. 

Although the faster you cook the meat after purchase, the better, you should store it within 4 hours. You can pack it in air-tight bags before freezing. 

Our birds are raised in small flocks by Amish families. The chicken can roam within the chicken space. We ensure no hormones are induced on the pouktry.

We do hand slaughtering for all our animals. Our butchers ensure the animals are stunned to make them calm and unaware of the pain. 

We don’t offer delivery at this moment but we are working on implementing it soon.

To give you tender meat, we butcher our chicken before they are a year old. For fast-maturing birds like ducks, we slaughter them before 8 months.

Our prices are not only lower but we also guarantee quality meat. You can check our prices from our online shop catalog.

Our meat handling adheres to the industry standards. Hygiene and proper packaging are our top-priority. We are also observing the laid down handling procedures to prevent spread of Covid-19. 

You don’t have to be a member to shop with us. We allow you to place your orders and receive your package at your door or our stores. 

Yes, all of our poultry is slaughtered 100% Zabiha Halal

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